Cluedo – The Play

I own four different versions of the Cluedo boardgame, often play Cluedo on the computer, was an avid watcher of the TV gameshow of Cluedo as a child, have seen the eighties movie Clue a billion times, and even read the Clue comic. When I heard there was now a theatrical version of Cluedo touring the country, of course, I bought tickets on the day of release. How could I miss it?

The premise of the play is simple and closely follows that of the boardgame and the eighties film, but is set in the UK….

When Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, Reverend Green, Mrs White and Colonel Mustard arrive at a party one stormy evening, they are surprised to find they have all recieved the same intriguing invitation from Mr Boddy. It soon becomes clear that they all have something to hide as the mystery and hysteria grows and the inhabitants of Boddy Manor are killed off with a variety of familiar weapons, leaving everyone to wonder, who will be next!

My dream come true, from the director of The Play That Goes Wrong, this new, hilarious whodunnit ticked all of my Cluedo-loving boxes!

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